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From ancient times, gold was regarded as the most treasured element in various civilizations. In ancient Egypt, gold was equated with the sun, the giver of life and reserved for use only by Pharaohs or royalty.Gold was also given as gifts to young brides to ensure good luck and happiness. Seen as the ultimate epitome of social status and wealth, gold is a highly treasured precious metal.



24 Karat Restaurant, as the name represents is the symbolic embodiment of purity. Bearing a tagline that is explanatory of the name, we believe that our quality and services are combined in a simple way ‘The name says it all’. This unique concept is brought to life in the heart of “Dubai – the city of Gold”, where one not only dines in an ultimate luxurious environment, but also dines on gold; as an ingredient in exotic signature dishes that have been carefully selected from across the globe.

With a unique concept of tempting the palate, using the finest and most luxurious elements, we have created unique signature dishes interlaced with flavored gold that not only leaves the diner with an exotic taste but also the feel of being pampered like royalty. Each element right from the ambience to the careful selection of the menu items and to the hospitality rendered, 24 Karat is creating a new ripple within the fine dining arena, wherein we are setting new benchmark of the ultimate luxurious gourmet experience.

  Each of our guests is treated like royalty, wherein our carefully selected and trained staff will fulfill our diner’s expectations, with generous hospitality. Keeping up with today’s trends, one can choose from our innovative menu; displayed on tablets, giving us the flexibility to constantly improvise, innovate and enhance the menu. .
Our loyal guests will have their own signature cutlery sets engraved with their names in gold for personal usage during their dining at our restaurant.
We bring together an experience that ignites your senses from across the world and indulges in your palate.

Chef Message

I am Chef Glady and would like to welcome you to a culinary exuberance with me at 24 Karat, as we serve you the finest and most exotic dishes that will tempt your palates. As a chef, I always believe it is the chef that makes the recipe and not the recipe that makes the chef. The art of creating an extra-ordinary dish comes from sheer passion and serving it with love.
At 24 karat, our every dish is created injunction with our four important core principals of excellence in presentation, quality, taste and the perfect quantity. A beautifully crafted dish comes from deep understanding and usage of fresh ingredients, uniquely bringing them all together in the right combination.
We never fail to impress and surprise our guests and as a Chef, I believe that is nothing is impossible in cooking. We create gourmet miracles!
Once again, welcome onboard to 24 Karat.

Chef Glady